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We can’t deny the fact that we all get bored from time to time – even Charlie Sheen suffers from periodic boredom. Well, the internet is a treasure chest full of remedies to your boredom. Whether it’s a good laugh, a great idea, or a something else, the following corners of the internet are sure to peel you off the couch and wipe the zombified look off your face.

Simon’s Cat

Introducing the web’s most mischievous animated cat. Whether he’s purposely trying to pester his owner, Simon, or just acting upon feline instinct, Simon’s Cat never lives a dull moment in his home.


Being nosey has never been so cool! This website features live views of some of the most famous spots in some of the most famous cities in the world. Watch the busy commuters of New York scramble back and forth on the sidewalk or check out the party animals on 6th street in Austin!

Tired of continuously scrolling passed everybody’s Facebook posts? Need a new and exciting method of stalking people? The numerous amount of answers to your few questions lies deep within the digital walls of Tumblr. Initially designed as a blogging site, Tumblr has evolved into an endless series of hilarious pictures and video clips that people hand pick to display on their Tumblr wall. Beware, the more you scroll, the harder it is to leave.

Finally, a place to create Memes just as the pros do! This is one of the best sites available to match your favorite pictures with your favorite phrases, whether people think it’s funny or not. Simply upload a picture, slap on some some of that witty white text across the graphic, and voila – your own digitally enhanced masterpiece created in minutes. Create a meme cool enough and it may even be worthy of a spot on your Tumblr.

The Onion News Network and

When CNN bores you to death, look to these two websites for the news stories you really desire to read about. Whether you enjoy the fabricated ideals of the Onion News Network or the truth of Cracked, you’re bound to discover a wide range of interesting or just down right ridiculous stories that will keep you glued to these websites or The Onion on IFC. If you think it’s too difficult to eat only one potato chip, try reading or watching only one story on one of these websites
The Onion

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One thought on “The Web Surfing Haven

  1. tumblr is my favorite way to waste time! but some of these sites leave me just as zombified as on the couch.

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