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The logo for Project Graduation. Taken from MacArthur's Project Graduation Facebook page

The day of freedom for seniors near, dues have been paid, grades in classes are monitored to ensure graduation, but little thought is ever placed into what is going to happen after the graduation ceremony.

Of course picking up a diploma is a big milestone so there is sure to be parties and celebrations, but not all the parties out there are safe. Dangerous situations lurk everywhere and for those of you who are worried there is a solution, Project Graduation is a party that can keep seniors from having to deal with those situations and offers tons of activities, but to pull this all off isn’t easy, especially when trying to earn all the money to make it happen.

In the span of a next few weeks PTSA plans to hold benefits that will help raise money to be donated to Project Graduation.

“One of our committee members approached Taco Cabana on behalf of Project Grad to see if they could help us raise money for the event by sponsoring several benefit nights,” Vicki Auth, Co-Chair on the Project Graduation board said.

Taco Cabana agreed to support the cause by holding 5 benefit nights from 6 – 9 pm on April 18 and 24 at both the 410 at Nacogdoches and at the Thousand Oaks at Jones Maltsberger location. Taco Cabana also agreed to May 10, however only at the Thousand Oaks at Jones Maltsberger location.

“Taco Cabana has a great reputation for helping non-profits with benefit nights,” Auth said.

Getting the money to go to Project Grad is simple, go on a scheduled benefit night between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm and let Taco Cabana know at the register when ordering that they are there for the MacArthur Benefit Night.  Taco Cabana will then donate back 20 percent of those receipts to MacArthur High School Project Graduation.

“The money earned from the benefit nights will go directly towards Project Grad to help fund activities for that evening,” Auth said, “The additional funds we raise will help purchase prizes and add-on activities.”

When going it is recommend to go with friends and order lots of food.

“I’m excited about the benefit nights, last night at the first benefit night I had an opportunity to hang out with four good friends, and we had a relaxing evening with good food and good company,” Auth said,” We saw lots of people stop by on behalf of Mac.”

Next Monday and on the week of May 10 invitations will be handed out to remind everyone about going to Taco Cabana and supporting the cause.

“We hope that all our seniors and their families as well as the MacArthur Community will plan to eat at Taco Cabana at least one of those nights, the food is yummy and it’s for a great cause,” Auth said.

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