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Summer Beauty

Ever heard of the term, “Beach Beauty?” It is that natural beauty bestowed upon beach goers everywhere. “Beach Beauty” is a culmination of the sun, sand, and water that enhances one’s natural beauty. The sun’srays bring about gorgeous golden skin, lighter eyes, rosy cheeks and lips, and lighter hair. The salt water reacts with your hair to create beautiful textured waves (a.k.a. beach waves). The beach water droplets reflect the sunlight giving the illusion of glowing dewey skin and glossy lips. The sand exfoliates the skin leaving newer, fresher looking skin. Together, these three elements bring your best features forward. Below are homemade beach inspired beauty remedies that will give you the perfect “Beach Beauty” illusion all year round!

Hair- homemade beach sea salt spray, this sea salt concoction will react with the chemicals in your hair creating naturally tousled locks. These ingredients are easy to find and have great results.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup of water

4 or 5 drops of olive oil or scented oil of your choosing

2 teaspoons of sea salt

Spray bottle

Shake up the ingredients, spray into damp hair, and ‘voila’ instant beach hair! Although I will warn you, too much and you will able to see traces of salt in your hair so I would recommend running a little oil through your hair to prevent visible salt crystals and drying out your hair.

Lips- homemade hawaiian punch/kool-aid mix lip gloss/blush

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 tespoon of Lemon Berry Drink mix (“singles to go” of Hawaiian Punch)

3 teaspoons of Vaseline

Sprinkle of water

Mix the ingredients together until smooth, and there you have it, sweet, pink, dewey looking lips! And in case your lips are tingling its the lemon from the mix enhancing your lucious lips.

Skin-shimmery glitter oil, want shimmery glowing legs? Simply mix some baby oil and refined glitter that blends in with your skin tone, to give the illusion of beach water sparkle. Powdered eyeshadow works just as well, perferably gold for that golden shimmer.

Eyes- line the inner eyes with white liner, for bigger, brighter, lighter eyes!

And there you have it, summer beauty all the time!

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Hey I'm Bekah, I am a senior. I am involved in the Mac Drama department, Student Council, amongst various other groups and clubs such as The Kniche ( Mac's Knitting Club!). When i'm not acting or writing, I like to spend my time sewing. I love anything and everything having to do with skin care and beauty information, i hope to pursue a career in dermatology, if not fashion design. I'm usually very optimistic and am always up for conversation.

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