Art Honor Society goes to Sandfest!

April 20-22, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) went on a field trip to Port Aransas, TX. to the Sandfest festival.

Sandfest is a sand sculpture competition in which the contestants compete for a spot in the world championships of sand sculpting. The contestants have two and a half days to create their sculpture, given sand (from the beach) and spray bottles filled with water to spray the sand so it will stay in place.

Although this year the NAHS students didn’t compete, the club’s sponsor, Ms.Barajas, said, “Some of the students would like to compete next year, which I think is pretty awesome.”

Students like Bivyanna Torres agreed.

“I was baffled; I mean, they were pretty stunning,” Torres, senior, said about the sandcastles.

Some of the sandcastles were very intricate, as seen here:

Chinese Dragon Sandcastle



Elephant Eating the Woman Sandcastle
Cowboy Sandcastle
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