School’s Out For Fiesta: Battle of Flower Parade Deets and More!

Hoping to attend the Battle of Flowers Parade but didn’t purchase tickets in time? Great news: Brahma Tales will fill you in on the BEST *free* spots and the best advice to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

When: Friday, April 27, 2012 from 12:30pm-4:00pm




Parade Route Map 2012 courtesy of Fiesta Commission

While many choose to see the parade from the bleachers, those who didn’t purchase tickets can watch the parade from behind the barricades. “You can stand behind the barricades,” Pat McConnell, member of the Fiesta Commission San Antonio 2012, said.¬† “Every cross street will be closed 3 hours before the parade and they can stand behind the barricades [or] bring chairs.” As for safety concerns, “[Attendees] will be safe because there [will be] police officers there,” McConnell said.

Plan to get there at least two hours early – spots near the barricades go fast.

What to bring: 

Battle of Flowers Parade days are notoriously hot, and considering the 2-5 hour-long wait many make, alongside the 4 hour-long parade itself, many opt to bring these items:

  1. Foldable Chairs
  2. Water Bottles (preferably frozen overnight), and coolers filled with other food/beverages.
  3. Sunblock
  4. Battery Operated Mini-Fans
  5. Umbrellas

What to wear:

Weather for tomorrow's Fiesta events courtesy of Weather Channel

Considering the 91 degree heat during the parade, clothing made out of light fabrics in UV reflecting colors work best, especially blues and greens.  Avoid black so as to not get heat-exhaustion, and wear a hat at all times Рnoggins can get sunburned too!

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