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Comalander Stadium where Powderpuff will take place. Taken from www.texasbob.com/stadium/stadium.php?id=842

Shoes dig into the ground as the football players scatter on the field, running to their positions. Cheers and chants of inspiration and support are bellowed out from the stands, as the football is passed from player to player. The last bounds are taken as a foot penetrates the in-zone, and a touchdown is made. The excited and somewhat tired player removes their helmet as an endless bounty of hair falls from their head. Not one person is shocked that the player is female, in fact all the players are female.

MacArthur’s tradition of the girls football game, also know as Powder Puff, is juniors and seniors going head to head at Comalander Stadium, starting at 6 p.m., on May 2nd.

“Seniors always win,” player Ashley Gurrola(12) said.

Powder Puff has a few minor adjustments to the game, such as flags instead of tackling, and some blocking changes because the girls don’t wear pads. Despite this everyone is still excited and supportive.

“Everyone is really nice and encouraging,” Gurrola said, “Powder Puff is really fun and you don’t have to be an athlete to do it, you just need courage and dedication.”

While the girls put on their game faces and football jerseys the guys get dressed up, resembling something like cheerleaders and root on the girls from the sidelines.

“The junior and senior boys get all dolled up and cheer for the girls,” Gurrola said.

Meanwhile the girls train hard for the game hoping to bring victory to their grade level.

“I think the juniors are going to win,” player Erika Ramirez(11) said, ” We have great coaches, they taught us some really good plays and we also have amazing players.”

The players not only train hard but are positive and uplifting to one another.

“The team gives it our all,” Ramirez said, “Everyone cheers on every player, we have a very supportive team.”

Until the night of the game the players remain excitedly working towards victory, and maybe even a chance in the spotlight.

“I’m very excited for the game,” Ramirez said, “It seems like a lot of fun, and I want to make a touchdown.”

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