Powder Puff: Disappointment on Both Sides

Disappointment gripped both the seniors and juniors as Wednesday’s Powder Puff game ended with a tie of 6-6, one touchdown for both sides. A tie has never ended a powderpuff game in Brahma history, with either the juniors or seniors always emerging victorious.

Throughout the game penalty calls and violations were thrown mainly to the juniors, however the referees recieved much protest over the calls; juniors came out beat up and scratched as the seniors left without a single penalty.

Brahmadorkas entertain during halftime photo by Meredith Collier

“The game was ridiculous,” junior Sammi Lex said. “I came out with scratches on my neck and got pushed onto the ground. [The seniors and the juniors] called for overtime but the APs called it a tie.”

Students from both sides called for a continuation of the game on Thursday, however most players concluded that the tie was enough for them and an Assistant Principal would not be present to monitor the legitimacy of the game.

photo by Meredith Collier

This first for Powder Puff history will be redeemed for the senior class of 2013 as most players are committed to winning the future game.

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