Pinterest: pInteresting or Not?

For the readers who read my previous article about Pinterest, I finally got my invitation to join and decided to write the follow up I said that I may write. For the readers who didn’t read my other article, Pinterest is a site designed for collecting things -each user has their own virtual pinboard(s) that you can “pin” (which means upload) a picture to if you take interest in it. Other users that have some of the same interests as you are put on your pinboard feed, and your profile on Pinterest can have a “profile picture,” similar to Facebook.

Turns out, Pinterest is pretty awesome. My favorite thing about it is that you don’t have to “know” a person personally to follow them and re-pin their photos. Some of the pictures are pretty funny, like this:

Another thing that I like about it is that unlike Facebook, you only have to see the things that you take interest in also- since you don’t have to follow someone unless you have the same interests, it limits the posts you see to the things you both like. One more thing I like is that there’s a huge variety of “pins” (pictures) on Pinterest, ranging from clothing to recipes to just funny quotes and/or pictures, which helps you to branch out a bit in what you like and dislike.

Although Pinterest is a great website, there are some features that I don’t like; One being the fact that there is a “pin it” button that you can install on your computer that will show up in the toolbar on your internet in case you find a picture you want to post to pinterest- you just click the button and bam, posted, but I can’t seem to figure out just how to install it.

So now, I am recommending this website to those of you who like to scrapbook and/or collect things, because Pinterest is a website designed to help you do just that. Want to join? Leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you an invite! (The website is still in the “invite-only” stage.)

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