Superb Spring Show!

Spring Show photographed by Aurora Junco

The audience sat in darkness, murmuring with anticipation as the hosts introduce the Brahmadoras and their first song “School’s Out For Summer”. The curtains part and the adrenaline pumping music looks as if it vibrates through the performers as the dance begins. Dressed in a black knit sweaters and school girl blue skirts, they twirled, kicked, and leaped managing to have a smile through the elaborate routine.

Brahmadora 2013 Colonel Taylor Sheeran photo Meredith Collier

After the first performance the crowd went wild calling out their friends and loved one’s names that had just given a stupendous performance. One after another the Brahmadoras, Lassies, Cheer, and Pep Squad preformed their winning performances from previous competitions.

Needless to say the show was a hit with everyone. “I got the feel of their songs through their dances,” said Paige Reeves (10).

“Phenomenal, all year long I’ve seen these girls pour their hearts out and it’s just really fun to watch them put everything into what they’re doing!” said Principal Martinez.

For others not only was it an amazing show but it was also a touching and an ever lasting memory of their child. “I had not seen the  “White Houses” and that one made me cry; it was beautiful… I was very, very proud,” said Mrs. Rodriguez, mother of Brahmadora Cornell Raven Rodriguez.

Spring Show Performers photographed by Aurora Junco

This Spring Show was an exploding success and to the Senior dancers, a very emotional night ending with hugs, tears, and cheers with their teammates! But with every ending comes a new beginning or in this case a new generation and team. With our motto and hard working dancers next year’s Spring Show should be just as great!



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  1. wow, the writing was superb! didnt care much about the topic but the writing is flawless 😉

  2. Wasn’t there another group that performed in the show? It was different from every other Dance or Cheer.

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