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Friday on May 5 The Avengers came out with a bang, making $200.3 million and new U.S. record for the highest domestic debut of all time. According to viewers every penny spent on tickets was worth while. “I was kind of skeptical at first, I thought it was just going to be a ‘touchy’ movie but at the end it really delivered for me!” Sydney Pollk (12) said.

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The movie is filled with just what you expect a comic based movie to deliver and more: action, witty banter, and awesome special effects that almost seem as if they pop out. But what was truly impressive about this movie is how they still stayed true to the plot and the delivery of it.”My favorite part was… when the hulk smashes this big centipede thing that was flying through the air, but you have to see it, it’s pretty awsome!” Aaron Stuckey (12) said.


The thing that out shines the most in this movie is how chronologically Joss Whedon intertwines all the Marvel comic books into one. Starting off with Loki who is planning on stealing an energy supply, Nick Fury who recruits the A team, then introducing Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor and then the Black Widow. “They did a really good job intertwining all the stories really accurately according to the comics, which I know is hard to do in the movies but they managed to pull it off,” Sarah Parish said.

This is a one of a kind movie that is a must see. Full of attractive heroes, action packed from head to toe and fantastic dialogue.

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5 thoughts on “Back With Avengence-The Avengers-Review

  1. This article is really helpful. I didn’t know whether I wanted to see this movie or not, but now I’m definitely going!

  2. I saw it for my birthday and I thought it was really good. Captain America is my favorite.

  3. I agree, I didn’t care for any of the other films (with the exception of Captain America), but director Joss Whedon somehow managed to creatively string together the mythos of all of those characters and make it enjoyable and somewhat ingrained in reality. Great blockbuster to start off the summer movie season.

  4. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet, I’m definitely going to now!

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