Indie Affinity: The Cribs Album Review

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The Cribs is made up of siblings Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman. Formed in 2001, the band has released 4 albums; their latest, In The Belly of The Brazen Bull, debuted May 7 through Witchita Recordings.
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The trio can be described as an experimental pop-punk band, yet they differ from bands of similar style. Each track on In The Belly of The Brazen Bull incorporates lo-fi production with an unmasked, raw intensity. Not what you’d expect from a band who is also capable of creating exceedingly catchy pop riffs and sing along-able choruses.

While each of the 14 tracks are enjoyable on their own, I find the best way to enjoy the album is to just play it from start to finish. The up-beat “Come On, Be a No One” fades into the tuned-down track, “Anna”, replenishing the listener with the change in melodies.Ā The album is full of these varying harmonies, making the album suitable for fans of both electric, catchy tunes and drowsy, mellow ones.

I find the album to be a great listen as I anxiously await the approaching summer months and I recommend it for all other students with similar desires in their head.

Check out the video for “Come On, Be a No One“.

Photo from Stereogum.
Photo from Stereogum.

For Fans of: The Maccabees, The Libertines, Johnny Foreigner and Los Campesinos!

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Where to buy:


Texas tour dates:

Houston-June 11 at Fitzgerald’s Upstairs

Austin-June 12 at The Parish






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One thought on “Indie Affinity: The Cribs Album Review

  1. wow, this music sounds really good! :~)
    can’t wait to start my summer off with great tunes!

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