M Night, or Why I Envy Those That Don’t Have to Cross the Stage to Graduate.

I wish these were handed out. Photo from istockphoto.com

M Night, for those of you who don’t know, is a rehearsal for graduation that pulls double duty as an awards night, and because of this, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to attend as a high school student. If it was just a rehearsal, it wouldn’t be important enough to write about, and if it was just an award show, then I’d be glad. But it’s both, and it’s horrible.

As a senior, I had to attend to cross the stage during graduation. So after arriving at Littleton Gym, I waited for forty five minutes on my feet for the ceremony to begin, and because of it’s dual nature, everybody gets an award so they know how and when to cross the stage for graduation. The “M” award, a piece of paper, is an award for being able to graduate. But doesn’t that undermine the purpose of graduation?

We can rehearse for graduation without having are parent there, and we can have an awards show were only some people get rewarded. But at this point M Night is a MacArthur tradition, and I don’t think it’s going to go away. After all, it probably saves money.

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2 thoughts on “M Night, or Why I Envy Those That Don’t Have to Cross the Stage to Graduate.

  1. Well…look at the bright side! Atleast you only got to go through it once! But it will all be over soon!

  2. *our 🙂

    Mrs. Cardoza was just mentioning how much cheaper it would be to combine some of the senior events – its a bit superfluous, I agree.

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