Break Records, Not Spirits-High Five Event

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The simplicity of a high five can have a degree of impact on both the recipient and instigator. A high five, in most cases, has a warm and playful intention to it -but whatever the case may be, high fives are a universal expression of friendship and approval. High five-ing friends can become a quick and comfortable habit, but what about giving a high five to a complete stanger? Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone, or do you just not associate yourself with other people outside of your circle? As the generation founded on social networking and media grows and expands, the gateway for bullying has also continued to widen. Different forms of bullying (such as cyberbullying, sexual bullying, social bullying, psychological bullying, and physical bullying) have grown into a national epidemic, reaching across social and technological boundaries. Most kids remember being bullied at one time or another, and 6% of students in grades 6-12 experience cyber-bullying, a statistic continuing to grow each and every day.

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However, this is a problem that can be stopped. On May 21 during 3rd period, MacArthur PALs will host the 1st annual Break Records, Not Spirits event. The concept is promoting kindness while bringing attention to to the ongoing problem of bullying in schools. To participate in the event, MacArthur students have to sign a petition against bullying, promising never to bully and to stop any bullying they witness. The idea stems from the Guinness World Records, where the record for most high fives in 24 hours was broken by a man named Roy Tuscany from San Francisco, California. High fives, alone, can improve someone’s day, make someone feel cared about, and solidify friendships, but promoting a message against bullying makes Break Records, Not Spirits ten times better!

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“I’m part of the publicity committee and our job is to get the word out about this exciting event,” junior Katie Pirelli said. “I really have high expectations for this event. Our PALs teacher (Mr.Thompson) has been working us really hard and bringing out the best and worst sides of us. With finals and AP exams, the stress level is pretty high and adding this monstrous event amps up the stress. I hope this event goes just as smoothly as it does in my head.”

Though the challenge may be tough, MacArthur PALs main intention is to bring mass awareness to the epidemic of bullying. Hoping to achieve this goal, PALs have been working vigorously to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible. Bullying is an escalating problem – one that the community must work to bring awareness to and  overcome – and PALs hopes that MacArthur will carry on this tradition each year, to continue Breaking Records, Not Spirits.

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7 thoughts on “Break Records, Not Spirits-High Five Event

  1. It was fun being a part of that event to spread a message like that across to people everywhere.

    -P.S You guys put March instead of May, unless you know we went back in time, hahaha.

  2. He beat the record by over 800 high fives in only 20 minutes. The record was recorded for an hour. Darik Dillard = champion

  3. This was an very historical day for Mac ! Glad to say as early ages stoping bullying for the future generations.

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