That’s Not Your Size!

Every woman is created differently, yet beautifully. We all have different shapes, body types, attributes that make us unique. With that being said, everyone is not meant to be a size 1,2, or 3. No matter how big or small you are, wearing your actual size compliments your shape, pulling out the attributes that you want people to see while hiding the things that you don’t. Let’s face it: Encountering someone who tried to squeeze into a size small when they should really be in a medium or large isn’t pleasant and can be weird and make you uncomfortable. Think about that when you’re getting dressed. Pick the outfits that go best with your body type, and remember, just because a friend or someone you see can pull off something doesn’t necessarily mean you can do the same because the two of you may have two different shapes or be different sizes.

If you aren’t quite sure which body type you are, measure yourself. If your bust and hips are about the same size, you have a straight body type. If your hips are larger than the bust with a defined waste, you are a pear. A similar body type is the spoon. The difference between the two is a pear shape’s waste gradually slope down to the hips, whereas spoon shaped peoples’ hips are more round and don’t slope. A body shape with the same size bust and hips and a small waste is an hourglass. People who have hourglass shapes but are more top heavy are top hourglasses. Inverted triangle shaped people have large busts with a waste and hips that aren’t well defined. Ovals have small hips with big waists and busts. Lastly, diamond shaped people have a waste that is larger than the bust and hips, which are both small in size.

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Dressing a Straight Body Type

Your goal is to create the illusion of volume above and below the waste. Wear things that bring attention to the waste by dressing the top and bottom of your body identically and adding a different element to the waste. Get a bright dress and add in a wide waste belt. You can also wear full skirts, like bubble skirts or skirts with ruffles, to give the illusion of curves.

Dressing a Pear Body Type

Your main asset is your waist. Wear shirts with fitted waists to emphasize this asset. Also, to create the illusion of a bigger bust, wear shirts with ruffles. Patterns and eccentric colors also look great. Belts are your best friend because most people with a big bottom half also have bigger waist. It is very seldom that you will find a company who makes pants for people with big bottom halves and a small waste. To cope with this issue, keep a collection of trendy and stylish belts that go great with your ensembles. Invest in at least one clear belt that is not noticeable for the days when you need a belt that doesn’t draw away from your outfit. Lastly, long camisoles are great because you can wear them underneath your real shirt and tuck them into your pants to avoid flashing people while sitting or bending down.

Dressing a Spoon Body Type

Add balance to your shape by drawing attention to your upper body with shirts that emphasize the torso. Also, show off your legs by wearing mini skirts and shorts. If you are comfortable with the way your stomach looks, you can wear more form fitting shirts. If not, wear shirts that are tighter around the bust and looser towards the bottom of the torso. Avoid muffin tops by staying away from tight shirts. Your main area of concern should be the lower half of your stomach, which is not big but isn’t super flat. Make sure you try on shirts and look in the mirror to see if you have a pudge.

Dressing an Hourglass and Top Hourglass Shape

Hourglass shaped people’s main focus should be maintaining the balance of their shape. Form fitting clothes look best on hourglasses.  Top hourglasses are slightly different considering the fact that they are have a bust that is bigger than their hips. You can create the illusion of balance with pants with designs and embellishments and tops that accent the waste. Mostly anything looks great on you as long as you maintain the natural balance of your body’s curves.

Dressing an Oval Body Shape

The goal for dressing an oval body shape is to draw more attention to the bust and accent the hips to de-emphasize the mid and lower section of the torso. To achieve this look, wear shirts that have wide or v-necks, wide waist belts, shirts with flared hips, and jackets. Pants should have details like pockets with flaps and embellishments. Bubble skirts also add the effect of a smaller waist. Be sure not to wear your skirts too short, as it will make you look heavier as opposed to sliming you.

Dressing a Diamond Body Shape

The key for diamond shaped people is to make the bust the same size as the hips. To do so, wear shirts that have embellishments or are full around the bust and emphasize the bust and hips. Princess sleeves or one shoulder shirts are also flattering. Straight leg pants are also for you. Avoid skinny jeans and shirts that are plain and emphasize the midsection.

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