The Force to be Reckoned With: G- Force

The annual show of talent from Band and Color Guard blew away audience members as G-Force took off with a bang on Thursday night.

The show began with an exciting performance of “Crazy Train” from honors band and was followed up by a graceful act from Color Guard. Frank Arrendondo (11) performed perfect flips across the stage with grace and ambition, taking a risky backflip over a chair. With one mishap and a rifle veering towards the center of the stage, the four Color Guard acts were graceful and unique.

photo by Aly Zamora

The cherry on top of G Force was the performance of Bohemian Rhapsody by the Honors Saxophones Ensemble in Act One. Although a few issues with Ben Malone’s (12) Tenor Saxophone left out a few notes from the piece, the performance was great and had the crowd applauding louder than before.

Khadija Zakvi (11) was center stage during the performance of “Africa”, the opening of Act Two, as she played the Oboe to command the rest of Honors Band with each member wearing either animal print or neon.

Act Two contained several interesting pieces; “Unstoppable” included Color Guard members surprising crowd members through the walkways and “attacking” few to make the performance more interactive, per say.

Overall, G Force was a spectacular act that involved audience interaction and a heightened quality of music and art as the members of Band and Color Guard made this year’s show another one to be remembered.

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4 thoughts on “The Force to be Reckoned With: G- Force

  1. I liked Party Rock Anthem the best (only show I performed in xD)
    Glad to hear people like G-Force 🙂

  2. i saw the set up during 4th period in tech theatre it look pretty cool. i wasn’t able to see the show though. i’m sure it was gnarly.

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