The Intelligent Distraction: Sporcle

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Remember when Facebook used to be the thing that distracted you ¬†most from doing work. How you would keep refreshing the page- even though you knew nothing would change- just so you didn’t have to write that synthesis essay for English class, or those 40 problems they assigned for math homework. How your parents would ban you from Facebook because your grades were failing, but you would still look on your little phone and Ipod app anyway. Well, now Facebook has got some competition when it comes the distraction department and it is called Sporcle.

Sporcle is this online site that gives you mind stimulating games to play and to say the Brahma Tales newspaper staff is addicted is putting it lightly. Everyday, whether we are done with a story or not, we get onto the computer and start playing the word games.

This trivia gaming sight took storm on the internet in 2007 and has since been challenging the minds of kids and adults everywhere. The sight catagorizes the games into Entertainment, Gaming, Geography, History, Holiday, Just for Fun, Language, Literature, Miscellaneous, Movies, Music, Religion, Science, Sports, and Television. And has had over 500,000,000 trivia games and has been played over 743,581,978 times.

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This gaming site epitomizes the act of procrastination and has been coming the ultimate new distraction besides Facebook and other social networking sites. So are you going to be one of the few that dumps the status drama and comes to the dark side of Sporcle (we have cookies).

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