APES Goes Apes for Recycling!


Coach Mein’s APES class is finishing the year with an Earth saving project that involves recycling just about anything to make a big creative difference. Things like t-shirts for dog beds, water bottles for art, old paint, aquaponic systems, and teaching kids how to have fun with recycling; all while making a big difference and good grade. “We’ve been learning about all this stuff, like about how to make a difference; little changes make a big difference!” said Coach Mein.

photo taken by Aurora Junco

First period student Megan Feuerbacher(12) and her group came up with the artistic idea to make recycling water bottles interesting by making a visual public service announcement by decorating the walls outside of class with water bottles! “It’s just about recycling plastic and how much plastic we go through in a whole day… we’ve collected a 125 bottles, just in two periods!” said Megan.

Fourth period kids like George English and his group are collecting t-shirts to sew up and stuff to create beds for dogs instead of just throwing the shirts out. “The idea was just thrown out amongst the group, it really took off because everyone has a soft spot in their heart for animals and especially the ones don’t have loving homes!” said Cecelia Munoz(12).

photo taken by Uyen Tran

Eighth period APES went on May 16 during their sixth period to teach elementary kids fun ways to recycle by making up games like bowling with water bottles, building towers with cans, and making paper airplanes! “It makes you realize how simple recycling really is, cause if a third grader can do it anybody can handle it.” said Jennifer Kiesel (12).

photo taken by Aurora Junco

Students are also painting Coach Mein’s room with recycled paint from old paint cans that have been just sitting around. They have created a variety a colors with only the few paint cans they have to recreate the Lorax on the no longer plain white walls!

photo taken by Aurora Junco

Hopefully next year we can see more creative ways to recycle from the APES classes! If not, then the wait to see what they do to make a difference next will be with much anticipation!

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3 thoughts on “APES Goes Apes for Recycling!

  1. That is such a good thing that people in our community are trying to make a change in outside and inside schools .

  2. i think recycling is a great idea. i try to recycle as much as possible. We have a blue bin in my home and it gets filling every day.

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