Final Exam Schedule

The year is winding down, and it’s time again for finals. Here is the schedule for the upcoming days:

Try to keep going for these last few days, and show up to class (even if you’ve exempted your exams – because they can take your exemption away from you). Good luck!

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This is my fourth year as a Brahma and my third year with publications, of which I'm co-Editor in Chief this year. I believe in rights for everyone, love animals, and am very opinionated.

4 thoughts on “Final Exam Schedule

  1. You need to check with your counselor about a make up date, however for most you need to have been signed up in advance.

  2. Uh I know this is totally unrelated, but y’all should figure out a way so that students can get stories emailed to them because I would like to get updates on stories but I can’t RSS or Twitter xP Just a suggestion

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