San Antonio Summer: Have The Best One Yet

San Antonio Summer. Digital Artwork by Estefania Lamas

Want an unforgettable summer in San Antonio? Here are three low cost, high fun opportunities!

Tuesdays at the Witte

Price: Free on Tuesdays after 3PM, on regular days:

Adults (ages 12-64) – $8.00
Active Duty┬áMilitary (with ID) – $7.00
Seniors (ages 65 and up) – $7.00
Children (ages 4-11) – $6.00
Ages 3 and younger – Free

Distance from Mac: 5 miles

Why it’s awesome: Their H-E-B Science Treehouse is a guaranteed good time. With everything from river exploration, playing with a giant set of musical instruments made out of garbage to a giant game of Dance, Dance Revolution, feeling like a kid again is not so bad.

For more information: Witte Museum!

Tubing Down the Guadeloupe

Price: Free if you have your own tube, but, taking gasoline into consideration, approximately $10. Tubes range in price from $10-$15, but buying tubes from sports/outdoors stores is suggested. Bring lunch, stay all day!

Distance from Mac: 30 miles

Why it’s awesome: Texas is hot. The river is cold. ‘Nuff said. Especially fun for outdoor enthusiasts or lovers of the Texas Hill Country. Have a whole day to spare? Invite your best friends and talk about anything and everything while slowly floating down the Guadeloupe River. Bonus points for stopping by Gruene!

For more information: Tubes!

Dance at Gruene Hall

Price: Entering is free (most of the time)! Gas will be approximately $10, so bring some friends and split the costs! Upcoming concerts can be found here: Concerts at Gruene. They also feature Two Ton Tuesdays – swing dance lessons ($5) and then a whole night of fun!

Distance from Mac: 30 miles.

Why it’s awesome: Live music in an authentic setting is magnificent. Gruene Hall is the oldest dance hall in Texas, so it draws a crowd of many ages. Many Austinites, Northside, and Smithson Valley folks flock to GH, so it’s a great way to meet new people!

For more information: Gruene Hall!

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  1. I think I’ll try doing some of these and try to have a really fun summer !

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