Leaping From Pages To Minds- To Kill A Mockingbird Festival

The symphony of coughs, finger tapping on the desk and a weak mumbling voice is the only thing getting students through their assigned books. As they go home and study for tests, and read chapters for homework, there is no doubt that as soon as summer hits To Kill a Mockingbird will be a book soon forgotten in the minds of all sophomores. With this in mind, English teachers decided put together a interactive festival, where the English II students can participate and have fun as well as make new connections to the book.

“The purpose of the festival was to show relations between the book and its characters with the games,” Gregory Jackson(10) said.

As students go around they get to participate in games that are relevant to the book but consist of fun things like throwing cupcakes, water balloons and other things at the creators of the booth.

“I thought the festival was fun,” Jackson said, ” it made me see with new eyes because I saw everyone’s different take on the characters.”

This was the 5th annual To Kill A Mockingbird Festival and as always it proves to be fun for the students, but most of all beneficial to the understanding of the book.

“It made me understand the characters better than the book,” Jackson said.

The Festival and booths were all made by the English II Pre-AP students, but despite that, they still had a lot of fun.

“The Pre-AP students made booths, but the regular students are there to play the games,” Kira Espendez(10) said.

Although the festival was fun, students still got graded on participation, as a project grade, but for most it was hard not to participate in everything.

“There were booths with different characters that you could play, and you have to get it signed by each booth,” Espendez said,” That’s how you get points.”

As 4:15 hit on May 18 and the festival came to a close all of the students went home excited with all sorts of prizes, ranging from food to fish. Everyone including the teachers shared a bunch of laughs and went home with new knowledge.


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  1. GREAT JOB KAYLA. Good writing for a freshmen, and it will only get better in your upcoming years.

  2. This festival was so fun, I had a great time!(: You guys have some really good writers for Brahma tales can’t wait to read more !

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