Mayan Art Takes a New Form; Bullseye’s Annual Magazine For Sale

Cover of Bullseye 2012 photo by Bullseye Magazine 2012

Buying artistic talent

Clueless of where to?

Bullseye is where to find it.

Like Haikus? Buy the annual student run literary magazine, Bullseye, and get a piece of the best talent in the arts and literature.

Bullseye’s reputation of displaying meaningful art and expression through poems, prose and creative writing is a foundation for the arts in a

school setting.


At a low price of $7, the magazine offers students insight on emotions and opinions best expressed through arts.

The Mayan theme, in celebration of the impending “12-12-2012” apocalypse controversy, is a step in a different direction of the usual “street” or “mod” theme Bullseye has.

“We have a Mayan theme,” Senior Ian Dorsa said. “In celebration of the apocalypse. It’s all in good fun.” 

photo from Bullseye Magazine 2012

Order one on Monday, May 20  with an English teacher or drop by Bullseye sponsor Mr. Arnatt to secure a copy!

Friday, May 25th the Magazine will be distributed.

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