Senior Pool Party Preview

Senior Pool Party

Tuesday, May 29 the SENIOR pool party will be held at the Northern Hills swimming pool from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and seniors will be provided with food and snacks, while enjoying the company of fellow classmates for one of the last senior class get togethers before graduation.  This is a non-attendance event, therefore seniors are given the choice to participate or not.

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About bekahcaldera

Hey I'm Bekah, I am a senior. I am involved in the Mac Drama department, Student Council, amongst various other groups and clubs such as The Kniche ( Mac's Knitting Club!). When i'm not acting or writing, I like to spend my time sewing. I love anything and everything having to do with skin care and beauty information, i hope to pursue a career in dermatology, if not fashion design. I'm usually very optimistic and am always up for conversation.

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