Graduation After Party- Project Graduation

The logo for Project Graduation. Taken from MacArthur's Project Graduation Facebook page

As the day till seniors graduate wither away, everyone is so absorbed in maintaining passing grades and getting into college, that plans and thoughts going into whats happening after graduation are lost. Most have dates or friends that tell them where parties are but going into a wild roaring house with no idea of who or whats inside is far from smart and safe. Thankfully there is another option and that is Project Graduuation.

Project Graduation is a party after graduation that offers fun activities ranging from outdoor sports and inflatables to indoor games such as pool, foosball and air hockey all while the seniors are in a safe environment with no worries.

“Project Graduation is a fun, drug free, alcohol free, all night party following graudtion on June 1,” Project Grad committee member Stephanie Swann said.

Not only does Project Grad offer fun actvities, but it also offers a last chance  for seniors to see their fellow graduating classmates and win  prizes.

“Students have a chance to one last gathering with their friends in a safe, fun enviroment,” Swann said, “Other parties won’t have all of the students together or last all night, and there will be great prizes and fun activities that won’t be at other parties.”

Despite all the activities Project Grad has, it also has a variety of prizes ranging from certificates for activities and gift cards to laptops, ipod touches, ipads, and flat screens.

“A lot of planning has gone in to this to make it a fun night,” Swann said, “It would be sad for students to miss this last time to be together and celebrate graduation. I have heard from some who regret missing it when they were seniors. Encourage your friends to go.”

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