Stuck In The Middle

Aurora Junco photo taken by Corey Sanders

I can vaguely remember the first day of this school year, but I do recall an overwhelming feeling of relief, excitement, and anticipation. I walked through the halls remembering specific moments in the four years that changed and molded me into the girl I am today, Aurora.

These past four years I’ve gone through many phases in my life trying to mesh and find a nitch of friends, changing my hair, clothes, to the way I act. Each time realizing that nothing I tried truly made me happy until I accepted that I wasn’t meant to mesh with a the crowd. I began to find myself through not caring what people said about what I thought, what I liked, or how I expressed myself. I was going against the crowd and I realized it didn’t bother me, I actually liked being and thinking differently.

Aurora Junco

This whole experience made me think about how it’s pointless to put up a front of something that you’re not. Why try to impress people that don’t really care about your well being if they can’t accept who you are. To get me through this last year I would keep in my mind everyday, when I had to face people that judged others for ridiculous reasons, that this would be the last time I’d probably ever see this person. Knowing and thinking this helped me become a stronger individual and have others respect me more for being straight forward in this way.

Butterfly photo taken by Aurora Junco

Just remember this piece of advise fellow readers, be true to yourself before being false to others! I wish you all an adventurous summer and happiness with the rest of your lives! Peace!

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