DIY: The Distract Yourself Initiative

According to NEISD policy, you get 21 extra days to finish summer reading as of August 27 before you actually have to test on it. If you’re like me and your summer reading is long, boring and hard to understand, monster bookmarks are a productive, cute way to take a 10 minute break from reading.

The actual bookmark you’re learning to make. photo by Sarah Morales

Here’s what you need:
A ruler
Pretty cardstock-like paper
A pencil

Photo by Sarah Morales

I started off by making three boxes 2.5×2.5 inches big.

Photo by Sarah Morales

I then shaded out the left and right edges of the bottom square.

Photo by Sarah Morales

Cut off the shaded parts of the square. Fold the two “legs” over each other to make a triangle.

Photo by Sarah Morales

Glue the legs together so they won’t flap up. You now have the basic corner bookmark.

To decorate mine, I used pink paper and cut our to triangles to cover the white part.

I cut out yellow triangles to make it look like the it had teeth, then cut out circles to make the eyeballs.

Photo by Sarah Morales

You can draw on it however you like, depending on how scary or adorable you want your monster to be. Now that you’re refreshed from your summer reading break, you can get back to it and have a great conversation starter while you read in public.

Here are the finished products!
Photo by Sarah Morales
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