Trendy Fall Styles

As the feverous summer days begin to fade into a refreshing autumn season, the time has come to pack away our shorts and make room for new trendy styles. This fall is sure to be filled with many fashionable options for your hair, nails, and clothes that will leave you turning heads.

Ombre hair has become more and more popular. It consists of when the roots of your hair are a dark color, and your hair fades into a lighter color as it goes down. You cannot go wrong with low volume hair like, straight ponytails, light waves, and fun braids.

Ombre hair with light waves.
photo by Sarah Morales.

This fall has many nail trends that will keep you making statements. Teal, burnt orange, gold, silver, gray, and even purple are the go to colors this season. Adding glitter or your own creative nail arts ideas is never a bad choice.

Silver is one of the go to colors this fall.
photo by Sarah Morales.

Lace has become a very celebrated trend. Whether it be over the pocket on your jeans or the sleve of your shirt, it always seems to be in style. Mixing cardigans with your favorite colored tank tops and skinny jeans is never a bad decision. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your favorite combinations.

Myriam Torres rocks this blue, lace shirt and pairs it nicely with her white shorts.
photo by Sarah Morales.

This fall season is going to be one full of new trends. Thinking outside the box and creating new statements will keep you stylish all season.


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