Kicking It With Kayla

Episode One:

Playing it off

Everyday we encounter many awkward situations, most of the time not knowing how to deal with it and brush it off. This podcast covers various topics such as falling up or down the stairs to walking into the wrong gendered bathroom giving tips and good things to do when you are caught in the middle of one of these embarrassing situations. These tips should help you save your pride after having it torn out by encountering one of these awkward moments.
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About Kayla Gunn

Hello, I'm Kayla Gunn. I am a senior at MacArthur and this is my fourth year writing for Brahma Tales. I am an editor on staff, here to bring you all the features and blogs you could ever want. Opinion and feature pieces on social, world, and school issues will also probably frequent the list of stories I post. If you have any insights, questions, or differing opinions feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of my story. Happy reading!

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