Generation Texas:Fighting for a Chance

The hardest decisions that life throws at students is the option to attend college or choose another path to walk away from higher secondary education.

In efforts to inspire students to choose college over straying away from obtaining a higher education, Generation Texas visited on Friday to screen the film First Generation, and answer questions pertaining to any issues that may arise in the process of applying for college.

“The film showed me a lot of issues I was not anticipating to come up now that I’m applying for college,”  Claire Dufalt said.

First Generation follows the lives of four students who are the first in their family to go to college. Some of the experiences shared within the film, such as living in a household of nine individuals or receiving no financial assistance from parents, are unimaginable to the majority of high school students feeling the pressure of filing college applications or ordering transcripts. It shines a unique light on the hardships that may arise when applying for financial aid, and the odds that students face when confronting the admissions office.

Calendar of evens photo by Generation Texas

The organization, Generation Texas (GenTx), works to aid students to attend college and has the primary goal of inspiring an entire generation of Texans to go to college. Traveling across Texas to work with high school students and teachers to guide them to college resources and opportunities, Generation Texas also hosted the search of youth involved in becoming a San Antonio Youth Commissioner.

“We want to show students that there is help out there to go to college,” Cecilia Lopez said. “I thought the odds were against me, but I found a way to go to college. Even if it wasn’t USC, I’m still proud of my choice.”

Cecilia was the guest star of the day, appearing to help answer questions about  admissions and her current experiences balancing work and college.

“Get all you answers to the questions in the back of you mind. I want to help people to not give up on writing their essays. My dream school was USC, and I just decided to not write the essay. Although I know that I could have written a great essay and had a chance [of being accepted], I do not regret my decision to enroll and still attend college,” Cecilia said.

Generation Texas focuses on providing resources for high school students to achieve success in applying for colleges. Events span from Rockport, to Abeline, to San Antonio, all in effort to inspire students to take the first steps to the rest of their lives.

The attempt to expand the potential for an entire generation of students to attend college, Generation Texas plans several events that extend information and contacts for students to better themselves with test taking skills and how to write college essays. These opportunities are also extended to middle school students, to where many currently in high school would appreciate the head start adolescents are now receiving.

“I think that opportunities like this are good for students to experience. It was hard for me to go to college and I remember the stress and confusion, so I believe in the success of events like this,” Jennifer Whitcomb said, Communications Manager for Generation Texas.

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