How Rude: Hallway Havoc

Students try to get through the crowded halls
Photo by Simona de Paolis

As students venture through the already crowded halls, their newest challenge is trying to get to class without being late, hurt, or pushed.

Most students don’t even stop to think the of the effect their rude behavior in the hall has on those around them.

Even though pushing, kicking, shoving and other physical means may be the easiest way to get to class without being ‘swept’, it’s not only rude but it can be intimidating. A freshman girl being pushed by a senior boy can be a terrifying experience. Not only will that give students the wrong impression of ¬†upperclassman behavior, it could ruin the persons day too.

Some students seem to be cruising for a bruising when they stop traffic by talking, kissing or other behavior, however, if everyone did their part to be as organized, courteous way of getting through the halls it would save everyone bumps, bruises and stress. Cutting down on hallway dwelling would free up a lot of needed room and clear the way for many students to get to class on time. Another problem that if solved would really stop many issues in the hallway is if people remembered staying to the right. Stopping people from going against the crowd.

Regardless of bad days, common courtesy is a lesson that should be used throughout life, not just hallways. As life unravels, similar situations unveil themselves and it is up to the individual to act decent. Many times this could be a determining factor if someone is right for a position, job, office, or other situations in life, then when a bigger annoyance comes along people will be able to deal with it much easier.

Next time people are thinking of pushing in the hall maybe they will stop to think of how their actions will affect others, and in the long run keeping calm will help you later in life.


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