Out With the Old-Varsity Theatre

Students begin rehearsing for upcoming play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’

As many previous theatre members graduated and started their lives outside of high school, new varsity theatre members are left to carry the torch- although this may be a challenge the theatre students are ready to accept.

Between auditioning and making varsity, the new drama queens and kings are ready to prove themselves worthy.

“It’s hard because they  were the majority but there are also a lot of new people too,” varsity theatre actress Bianca Torres (12) said.

As far as school groups go theatre kids seem to be pretty close.

“The fact that we’re like a family, it’s wonderful,” Sam Wittlinger (11)  said.  “Like, everyone loves each other but we hate each other too, it’s great.”

After going through a year of JV, many students brave the audition process in the hopes of making it to varsity.

Though many have made the move, there are still many returning varsity members to look up to.

“The younger kids kind of look up to you and expect you to be good, so you kind of have to be,” Bianca Torres said.



Cast of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ begin rehearsal
Photo by Maddy Tompkins


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