31 Days of Horror-Day 1

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As Halloween approaches this year, many people want to get their scare on. But with Hollywood in a phase of remakes and half-hearted sequels, it’s hard to find a truely unique horror movie that hasn’t been shoved in the audience’s face (GUYS! YOU HAVE TO WATCH PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! IT IS SO SCARY!). But luckily, there are some true gems that have been forgotten by those big Hollywood executives. These are the 31 greatest horror movies you’ve never heard of. Look for one everyday.

Blood Feast (1963)

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Fuad Ramses is an exotic caterer hired to provide a client with a prestigious “Egyptian Feast” Little does the client know that the feast would require such “delicacies” as a human brain, human tongue, and even an entire leg! As Fuad goes out and prepares his macabre feast, a detective and his bumbling police chief desparately to aprehend their vicious killer once and for all.
At first look, “Blood Feast” looks like a trashy exploitation film. And thats because it truely is. But this is all over shadowed by the fact that it had a tremendous impact on not only  the grindhouse scene of the 60’s and 70’s, but the entire horror genre. It established the basic formula that many horror films ( Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Friday the 13th) would go on to emulate and refine: the silent killer stalking and killing girls with a sharp knife, while the authority figure does nothing but stumble over its own feet.
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