The Struggles of Sophomores

Mrs Montemayor’s students study hard.
Photo by Sarah Morales

Tenth Graders Piled with Work

Freshman year is the time to get used to high school, make friends, and get in the hang of things. All seems simple, but when students return for sophomore year, business starts. Teachers begin to pile on tons of work and students are held to a higher standard. The difference in years is visible.

Sophomore year so far has been all work. From the first week of school there has been assignment after assignment; the workload is tremendous. Freshman year was simple with a minimal amount of work. The presence of more advanced classes and responsibilities has brought tenth-graders a work-overload.

“I have no social life because of homework,” sophomore Craig Adams said.

Sophomore year is full of many activities and classes that are time-consuming. Students are involved in advanced classes and many extra curricular that consume most of their free time.

“I’m taking Pre AP Chemistry, World History AP, GT Algebra II, and GT English,” Adams said. “I have swim practice early in the mornings and marching band after school.”

Now that they are settled into the year, freshman can fully comprehend the changes from middle to high school. Freshman Laurie Thornber believes that freshman year is somewhat difficult.

“It is harder than middle school and a lot more homework,” she said.

Some people believe that sophomore year is not as big of a struggle that Craig points it out to be. Jaiden Garza has his own opinion of the differences in school years.

“Sophomore year is easier,” Jaiden said. “There was less homework in freshman year ,though.”

Others share a different opinion of Jaiden and are able to see the vigorous work that is given to tenth-graders. Craig Adams believes freshman year was easy.

“Freshman year you are never up late at all doing homework,” he said. “There was also the fact that we got a lot of sympathy for being a freshman.”

Sophomores usually spend their nights doing homework.

“I spend, on average, two to three hours on homework,” Craig said. “[I’m] up until midnight doing homework.”

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