31 Greatest Horror Movies You’ve Never Heard Of 2

From http://api.ning.com
From http://api.ning.com

EraserheadĀ (1977) Directed by David Lynch

Jack Nance stars as a man named Henry, who lives alone in a industrial wasteland. One night he visits his girlfriend, Mary X, and her family for dinner one night. to his surprise, he finds out his girlfriend has given birth to a deformed child. The two quickly marry and move in together. But Mary is slowly driven mad from caring for the monsterous child. She leaves Henry, leaving him to care for the child and manifest in his own desires.
To say this film is a little strange is like saying 12 years of school is a little to long. It cant even be techincally labled as a horror film, but more as a piece of abstract art. BUt the film itself is absolutely terrifying, if not horrorific. The small sets create a sense of claustrophobia with the soundtrack protraying the desolation of the landscape. One of the most disturbing parts of the film is the child, which can only be decribed as a monster with and bandaged body and the finale, a half hour dream sequence which leaves the viewer utterly speechless with pure shock and awe.
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