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Boxing is not a one man sport

Greek mythology states “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body”. The effect boxing has on my life impacts my physical, mental, and spiritual well being. As for physical aspects, a strict diet and constant work out keeps me in shape for other physical activities such as running, skating, and dance. The mental willpower required in the rink provides the ability to deal with pain, inside and out. Spiritually, boxing brings a different type of happiness, a better state of mind, and the release of negative energy.

I’ve had to rely on the self discipline that boxing teaches to restructure my life in order to meet the physical conditioning requirements. Building the stamina to meet those requirements takes long hours in the gym. School and other social activities often interrupt a legitimate training schedule. If I had it my way, I would be training six days a week, instead of three to get better endurance. I receive a considerable amount of strength and encouragement from my female teammates. Boxing is not a one man sport, it is a team effort.

Although MacArthur does not offer boxing to  students, it does have comparable activities such as wrestling.


“I think it’s great when a female athlete represents the female population in a male dominated sport,”  Coach Keresztury said.


Evidently, respect and acknowledgement between athletes extends throughout all sports. For female athletes, it means improvement everywhere.


Boxing Gloves
Photo by Amanda Burgess

“I have no problem with women boxing, because if you love something then it doesn’t matter [what sex a person is],” Richard Navarro (10) said.


As for myself, boxing has provided me the self confidence to go out into the world and make a difference . Not only can I protect myself , but i’m not afraid to take a stand for others. As I grow older I will hopefully set an example for all young women to stride for. I believe all women should dream the dream and go for it.

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