Steal the Style

Artwork by Simona De Paolis

Wanting to look like a celebrity seems to be a never ending desire. They always seem to have the perfect combinations of make up, clothes and shoes. Below are some fun, cheap ways to recreate their most stylish looks;


First, let’s get a look at Anne Hathaway’s outfit: classy, simple but stylish.


Wondering how to get her look? Here you are some cheaper options:

On the left, forever21 lace yoke floral dress;
On the right, H&M’s shoes and Covergirl’s “fairytale” lipstick;

1. A cute floral dress from Forever 21. (forever 21,

2. A pair of lacquer black heels by H&M. (

and to complete the “doll look”,

3. “fairytale” lipstick by covergirl(


Blake Lively shows off a simple yet chic look:


And here’s the way you can recreate it

White Shirt by;
black wings necklace by;
pants by


1. Pants designed by motelrocks. (

2. A basic oversized shirt by forever 21    (

3. And to finish the outfit off, you can add this extravagant necklace by


And, last but not least, Joan Smalls 
And here there are some ideas to recreate her effortless but chic style:
Pants, Shirt and Black Clutch by
Black sandals by Charlotte Russe


1. A pair of patterned harem pants (in the picture: ; or ; or

2. A black semi-transparent blouse by forever 21 (

3. A black chic clutch by forever 21 (

4. And a pair of healed sandals by Charlotte Russe to conclude (










These are only a few of the many ways you can be stylish without to much effort, all you need is creativity, imagination and a internet connection.



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