More Than a Lassie

Tina Roha enjoys many things, but dancing is among the top of the list. Being on the Lassies, the junior varsity dance team, not only teaches its members how to perform thrilling, upbeat routines, but also how to be a teammate, be a friend, and many things beyond dancing itself.

The Lassies cheer on our Brahmas at one of the football games.
Photo by Meredith Collier.

This is Tina’s second year of dance, having done pep squad her freshman year. Moving up to the junior varsity team is exciting, but comes with major transitions and also new competitions.

“Being on the Lassies means you are held to a higher standard,” Roha said. “We have to go to more practices, but this year we get to go to the national competition in Florida, which the team and I are very excited about.”

The transition also means that Tina has new goals for herself as a Lassie.

“This year I really want to work on improving my skills and techniques, so that next year I will make Brahmadoras, the varsity dance team,” Roha said.

Although they are not just there to learn routines but also to get to know each other.

“We are all so close by the team bonding we have throughout the summer and school year,” Roha said. “We go to a lot of sleepovers and have team dinners that we attend. We are always together, and we are more than just a team: we are practically sisters.”

However, being on Lassies means you are more than just a dancer. It defines a lot about your character and who you are as a person.

“To be on the Lassies means you are dedicated and hard working,” Roha said. “It means more than just dancing, it means nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.”

To be on the Lassies means a lot of things, like being a part of a family and sisterhood that cannot be broken. Most importantly, it has taught Tina Roha an important life lesson.

“The most important thing this whole experience has taught me so far, is that if you believe in yourself, you can tryuly accomplish anything.”







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