No Place for Romance-Pep Rally Proposal

There’s no room for romance during a pep rally, but Sept. 28 was an exception.

Freshman Jacob Guerra asked senior English teacher Mr. Steve Davidson for help on finding a creative way to ask his girlfriend Angelica Padilla to homecoming. Davidson arranged the proposal during the Friday morning pep rally which ended in a yes response.

“He approached me because I taught his sister a couple years ago and he knew I would help him because he knows I’m a loving, caring human being,” Davidson said. “I made the plan, I brought him in, and I told him ‘This is what you’re gonna do’. He got a little nervous but he agreed. If you’re gonna ask a pretty girl to the dance you gotta go big or go home.”

The seemingly intimidating Davidson doesn’t exactly strike people as Dr. Love when you first meet him, but his idea proved to be a hit with the student body, complete with girls swooning and boys cheering.

“My biggest concern was how the student body would react but I was glad the boys clapped for him and all the girls thought it was romantic,” Davidson said.

Jacob silently thanks Mr Davison.
Photo by Sarah Morales

Guerra’s hands were shaking and, though he was kneeling on one knee in the middle of the gym, his red flushed cheeks were visible from the bleachers.

“I was nervous- I didn’t think it would play out like Davidson said it would. I just wanted to make it something she’d remember,” Guerra said.

Padilla, Guerra’s girlfriend of two years, was delightfully caught off guard with the proposal.

“We were arguing because he said he didn’t need a ride home and he wouldn’t tell me why, I thought he was hiding something,” Padilla said. “He just kept telling me to wait until tomorrow and that it was a surprise. I figured then it was something about homecoming, but I wasn’t expecting that. It was the best thing ever. This was the first time he went just, over the top. Any guy who would do that is amazing.”

Blushing and looking embarrassed, the two shared a hug after Padilla agreed to go to homecoming.

“They’re young. Let them be in love,” Davidson said.

Padilla and Guerra exit the rally holding hands.
Photo by Sarah Morales


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