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Future Business Leaders of America or, FBLA, is a nationwide program for students interested in business-realted careers. Mrs. Dayna Martin is the face of the organization and the driving force behind it.

“FBLA is a student youth organization with a quater million members nationwide,” Martin said. ” This organization helps to prepare students for careers in business-related fields.”

Anyone can join as long as you have an interest in business.

“It just takes an interest in taking opportunities to learn about bisiness and leadership,” Martin said.

Competition is one of the most exciting features of FBLA.

“[Competition] has taken FBLA students all over the nation, from Florida to California, from Nashville to Chicago,” Martin said. “There is a broad range of events that realte to business and careers, and a variety of styles of competition from impromptu presentations, to computer design events and even straight Q&A events.”

FBLA is also great for preparing students for their life after high school.

“The combination of competitive events, guest speakers and workshops expose students to business-related fields and business professional from the real world,” Martin said. “Being able to make connections between what happens in the classroom and what happens real world is a value added to every member.”

Students gain confidence and responsibility from the program.

“They learn how to advocate for themselves and how to network and communicate with other students and adults ina professional manner,” Martin said.

FBLA is an all around great program. It helps its members learn to communicate in a professional manner, while also having the opportunity to compete and have fun with students of common interest.

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