Students Helping Students-Mac Teach

Some of the Mac Teach tutors and students are hard at work.
Photo by Sarah Morales.

Mac Teach was started by Mr.Steve Davidson. The program consists of juniors and seniors in AP and GT classes, who tutor ELL students, or English Language Learners. However, Mrs. Kelly Williams and the National Honors Society also provide an immense amount of support for the organization as well. The program gives tutors a chance to both teach and learn at the same time.

“The tutors work to help the students before and after school and during all three lunches as well,” Ms.Williams said.

Students who are interested in participating require an interview with Mr. Davidson, since he’s the head of the organization -although tutoring the other students is not always easy.

“There are huge language barriers between the students,” Ms. Williams said. “We’ve worked with kids from China, Korea, and even Portugal. It can be very difficult for the students to find a common ground.”

While the program is focused on making sure the students advance in their classes, they also have goals for the future.

“Soon we hope to start working with the ALE students as well as the ELL students,” Williams said.

Being involved in the Mac Teach program also looks very good on a college resume for its tutors.

“It shows colleges that you are willing to devote time, teach others, and volunteer,” Williams said.

Mac Teach has its perks, like its ability to help others and make kids on campus a better person. Aside from tutoring the students, all the children involved in the program gain something even better.

“They make a new friend,” Williams said. “Not everyone is a teacher, this program is students teaching students, and that’s why it works so well.”



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