You’re So Trashy- The Trash Problem

Looking trashy in the cafeteria
Photo Simona De Paolis

“People are gross,” Victoria Goodwin (12) said.

Hidden beneath lids and underneath closed doors, lie people’s trash. It consumes landfills and overflows the streets. Fortunately, there are people whose jobs are to regulate trash flow and control where trash goes. If it weren’t for them, the world would be filled with pollution and the unbearable smell would overpower the air.

It’s hard to walk through the courtyard or anywhere on campus after lunch without seeing trash.

“Why can’t people pick their trash up?” Alexa Patel (12) said. “Is it that hard? That’s why we got the Mac trashcans.”

The school is lucky enough to have custodians in the school that clean after students messes and pick up what gets left behind. They come early and stay late, ensuring the school looks great- but lately, the mess has been too much. The custodian’s job is not to pick up after students, but to make sure the grounds are maintained.

“We’re spoiled that we have custodians and other countries don’t,” Lauren Fagen (12) said.

Members of the staff, like Attendance Clerk Ms. Allison Merks, understand that having custodians is a privilege.

“My daughter’s teaching English in Tokyo, Japan in high school and their schools don’t have custodians,” Ms. Merks said.  “The students clean their campus.”

Trash looks bad in the plants.
Photo by Ashley Fontinez
Trash in the courtyard
Photo by Ashley Fontinez

Students across the globe take pride in their school and the cleanliness that it upholds.

“In Germany, the schools there are spotless,” principal Mr. Pete Martinez said.

The school under appreciates and underestimates custodians and  what custodians do for the school. If a student sees trash, it wouldn’t hurt them to walk five steps to a trash can. Small things like picking up trash would show custodians how much they mean and making a difference starts with the little things.

Respect the school and honor the grounds and the people who clean after it.

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One thought on “You’re So Trashy- The Trash Problem

  1. It had always bothered me that their was an abundance of trash everywhere. People just don’t care anymore. Matbe if they close the courtyard or something related to that will get them to learn.

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