Burgers Benefit PFC

Sideliners. Taken from http://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/article/Pub-Crawl-3734200.php

As Friday arrives ending the work-filled week, students, with laughs and jokes in their near future, target fun and a teenage friendly environments to meet up at with their friends. Weekends pass as students hop from place to place never taking into consideration that there is a restaurant that benefits MacArthur’s PFC and has a enjoyable atmosphere.

Sideliners is located on 15630 Henderson Pass, is a fun restaurant where classmates can socialize, enjoy a good meal, watch their favorite teams play on the big screen and participate in friendly games such as soccer and volleyball. Recently, Sideliners began a fundraiser to help PFC raise money.
“It helps pay for our PFC trip[to New York],” PFC member Dmariye Villafane (11) said.
 The nights eligible for your money to benefit PFC are Fridays from 7-12 pm. Then 10 percent of the money from your bill is adequate for the fundraiser.
“Tell your cashier it’s for PFC,” Villafane said.

Sideliners even offers discounts for MacArthur Students on things like their various burgers and sandwiches.

“You can request the MacArthur menu, “ employee Vanessa Ramirez(10) said.

This is a great opportunity, not only for PFC, but also for students. At Sideliners you can eat a good meal and enjoy conversing with your friends in a pleasant restaurant.

“Mac kids should go and support pfc,” Ramirez said, “ They can socialize outside of school, and have somewhere to eat after the football games.”

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