The Royalty of Mac

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Vegas, baby!

Two weeks ago during lunch, students voted for who they wanted as their homecoming kings and queens and who would be crowned Oct. 26 on the football field during halftime.

The royalty ballot consits of students who are nominated by their classmates, then it is up to the students to vote for who wins. Some students expected the win and some were completely surprised, many of the students on the homecoming court had mixed reactions when they found out they had won.

“I was surprised,” sophomore royalty Jacob Lambert said. “I expected some of the other nominees to win, and seeing my name scroll across the morning announcments was crazy.”

Some students weren’t so surprised.

“I expected to be nominated and of course I voted for myself,” Tyler Smith (11) said.  “I probably wouldn’t have gone to Homecoming if I wasn’t nominated. I guess I’m pretty excited (for Homecoming) but I’d rather be with the Blue Crew Friday.”

Some students didn’t know what to think.

“When I found out I can’t say I was excited,” freshman Duke Brody Killough said. “I don’t really know how to describe the feeling.”

Junior Princess Jessica Weiner didn’t plan on going to homecoming or asking anyone to go with her Saturday.

“I didn’t think anyone planned on going to Homecoming until last week, actually,” Weiner said. “I didn’t even want (to be nominated) in the first place. Things like this only happen once though, you should enjoy high school while you’re here so it should be interesting to say the least.”

Senior Royalty Ruston Roy didn’t vote for himself but still expected to win.

“I voted Sammy Garza for King actually,” Roy said. “I thought I would probably make Homecoming just because a bunch of people have told me I was going to make it.”

Although, he is missing out on a unique night with all of his friends.

“The little gang I hang with is having an anti-homecoming because none of them could find dates,” Roy said. “They are just having a bro night, and I’m kind of missing out on that.”

Finding someone to go with last minute was also a problem for some students.

“I actually wasn’t planning on going to Homecoming so I had to find a date and clothes at the last minute,” Lambert said.

Getting a date at the last minute can be difficult, so some royalty improvised.

“I couldn’t find a group of friends to go with this year, my date is actually my little brother,” Roy said.

Some people may try to push Homecoming off and not pay any attention to it, but deep down it’s important to a lot of students.

“Everyone says ‘oh it’s just homecoming’, but I think secretly everyone is excited,” Roy said.

Whether they’re looking forward to it or not, be sure to go to the homecoming game against Lee at 7:30 to see the student royalty finally get their crowns.

Freshman Dukes and Duchesses:

Austin Kies and Nicole Delgado, Brody Killough and Mary Jayne Gonzales

Sophomore Dukes and Duchesses:

Jacob Lambert and Ginny Houston, Nik Tesalona and Alyssa Rowe

Junior Princes and Princesses:

Drew Baumi and Francesca Filippone, Emmanuel Nyong and Lesly Sanchez

Tyler Smith and Claire Schaper, Tyre Wilson and Jessica Weiner

Senior Princes and Princesses:

Quinton Hoover and Kendall Geratbs, Kevin McGinty and Ravyn Hardaway

Rustin Roy and Sydney Paredes, Nick Shaw and Catherine Sharp

Juan Zapata and Tiffany Tooke

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