Homecoming Dance: An Honored Tradition

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Homecoming is an honored tradition amongst all high school students. For one week out of the school year, students all set aside their mutual resentment of high school for a week of pride, football, and other shenanigans- but the staple of Homecoming, aside from the football game, is the dance that is featured to close out the week of “debauchery.”

While most students find this a fun way to end the week, dancing to whatever music is considered “hip” and “cool”, I honestly find it incredible waste of time and money.

I wish I could say it a nicer way, but it is the only way to describe it. I have attended about three school dances since about 8th grade and I honestly can’t understand the fascination.

You sit in a hot building for three hours, while a DJ blares horrible music, and if as if it couldn’t get any worse, there is always that voice in your head whispering “Haha! You paid money and spent time getting dressed up for this.

Now I admit there were many highlights from the dances I attended; one of my favorites was the time I got in an argument with the DJ for pandering to poor taste after he refused my request to play Raining Blood by Slayer- but I digress.

And while there is a large group of students that choose to go, it seems more like a social obligation than a choice.

“My friends are dragging me there and I heard there is food,” sophomore Richard Vargas said.

Can’t argue with this man. I approve of this reason.

“I’m going because my friends are going and to stop the imminent alien invasion,” Cody Knoblock (12) said.

Not only is this man socially obligated to spend his hard-earned money, but he also is morally obligated, seeing as he is the only one able to stop this invasion. Seriously, give this man a hug if you see him.

But besides those students, there are a group of people who have a legitimately good reason for attending the dance.

“I like to get dressed up and dance with my friends,” Sara Kay (11) said.

“I’ve never been to a homecoming dance and it’s something I would like to experience before I leave high school,”Erika Ramirez (12) said.

While many students have decided to go and dance like there is no tomorrow, the dance is not without its student detractors. A large student population has decided against attending the dance all together.

“I just didnt enjoy the dance last year and its really expensive,” Megan Marsico (11) said.

And who can argue with her logic?

Homecoming dances can be expensive. Formal attire is not only expensive, but it can be a giant mosquito for many students wallet sucking out all their hard earned money. One of the most common answers I heard for not going was that people simply have better things to do. I for one, have work at my wonderful job busing tables for the premiere name in Tex Mex food in the greater San Antonio area, the Alamo Cafe, and not all students are part of the work force, many others have sound reasons.

Long story short, I’m not hating on the dance. Its just something that has been ridiculously oversold, year after year just being shoved in your face almost year round like some new teenaged book series or talentless pop starlet.

Count me out.

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