Will the Real Young Voters Please Stand Up?

The famous “I Voted” sticker.
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On Nov 6, American adults will decide the popular vote of the 2012 presidential debate, but many voters have already taken initiative and registered for early voting.

Typically 18 year olds aren’t interested in politics, so even though they can vote they’re not going to.

“I only registered for voting because I had to renew my license,” Cody Knoblock (12) said. “I watched the debates in government but that’s all. I don’t care about politics.”

Some people vote purely because they have the right to.

“I registered a couple weeks ago,” Alexa Patel (12) said. “I just wanted to take part in the big election because I’m 18 and that’s part of the experience.”

And some people want to vote, but just don’t like the candidates this year.

“I’m probably going to vote,” Carlos Ochoa (12) said. ” But I hated all of the debates. (The political candidates) both acted like children either not answering the question or arguing the same point over. It was not a debate, it was who could be louder.”

Most seniors are in government this year, where most students watch the debate, but most students expand beyond the classroom.

“I’ve watched two debates outside of government and I watch CNN,” Patel said. “I also read ‘Time’ magazine.”

And of course, there’s the most basic source of politcal opinions: young voter’s parents.

“My parents won’t sway my vote at all,” Ochoa said. “They’re Republican and Democratic and in the end, I’m going for the lesser of two evils, not a certain party.”

Despite the stereotype of young voters not caring about typically popular issues of the candidacy, Ochoa thought healthcare was a deal breaker.

“I hate how others suffer in pain and can’t go to a hospital because they don’t have money for insurance,” Ochoa said. “If Canadians can do it, it obviously can be done.”


Whether 18 year olds take the initiative Tuesday or not, the world will be anxiously awaiting to see who will represent the United States of America.

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