Bowling for Good-PALs

On October 30, the PALs volunteered at a local Special Olympics competition, helping elementary school students bowl their way to the top.

” [It] was a very eye opening experience,” senior Taylor Peterson said. “It really helps you appreciate the smaller things in life.”

The event focused on building relationships with local elementary schools, while also providing the participants with encouragement, motivation, and a friendly face to look up to. Students were tasked with keeping track of the participants and helping them with their game.

This is one of the main events that the group, aimed at enhancing leadership skills and providing students a chance to mentor others, has planned for the year. In addition to last months book drive, the group also plans to help with the high school aged bowling event and even the track and field events in the spring.

“It’s nice to bring a smile to someone’s face,” says Taylor Peterson ” It’s just a universal sign. You don’t need to be smart to know what it means.”

Photo by Emily Twyford
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