The Future- College Night

Hundreds of college representatives set up booths hoping to answer as many questions of high school students as possible. Although most students who attend College Night at Blossom are upperclassman, all students are welcome. The booths are set up to distribute pamphlets, information, and answer questions students or parents may have.

Some of the booths available at college night
Photo by Sarah Morales

For some people the idea of giving up a night just to talk to people from colleges seems pointless, however many people would recommend the night .

“I liked that you got to talk to alumni, since they told you the truth about the school, they weren’t trying to sell the school,” Dana Moore(11) said.

The college night, sponsored by Mac, hosted over 100 different colleges, each with their own booth, equipped with brochures,pamphlets and representatives from each school.

For most juniors the pressure to pick a college seems even greater, College Night provides a lot of information on colleges all over the country, not just Texas schools, as well alumnis waiting to answer questions.

For students starting to think about colleges this is one easy way to get a lot of information.

A full auditorium
Photo by Sarah Morales

“You should get as much information as possible about the colleges that interest you, it’ll help you make the best choice,” Kathryn Benson (11) said.

College night is a yearly event, so for those who wished to go this year and didn’t get the chance, could always go next year. It is a convenient way to talk to as many representatives in a close proximity that otherwise may not be possible. When trying to get as much information about options after high school, College Night is a good option.

“I would recommend going to College Night especially if you aren’t a senior, since by then it’s really too late for early admissions,” Moore said.

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