Revelations on a Road Trip: American Sign Language

On Tuesday ASL (American Sign Language) Club members traveled to the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin to experience a day of education and revelations.

“I’ve seen seniors change their majors after going on this trip,” ASL teacher Mr. Kitterman said. “It’s a whole ┬ánew experience to see the (Texas School for the Deaf) students learning. The history of the School and how it has impacted lives really opens people’s eyes since (the school’s) curriculum is so specialized to hearing impaired students.”

ASL Club on the way to Austin photo by Brittany Trub

Established in 1856, the Texas School for the Deaf helps hard of hearing or deaf students ages 0-22. The significant help that the school offers is a potential-based curriculum to help inspire individuals who are disabled to fall in love with a rewarding career. Including the ACCESS (Adult Curriculum for Community Learning, Employment, and Social Skills) Program, which educates students aged 18-22 in a community-style learning to help disabled citizens function in society with or without living assistance.

“The trip is inspiring to seniors who are looking forward to a career that involves ASL skills,” Mr. Kritterman said.

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