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After an exciting off season, the start of the regular season has just begun for the Lady Brahma basketball team. Ms. Jessica Meador is the head coach of the team and anticipated much before beginning of the season.

“[Our] first game is Monday, November 5,” Meador said. “We play McCollum at Littleton Gym at 7:30 p.m.”

Amy Saucedo is a point guard for the team and highly anticipated being on the court again.

“I cannot wait to start playing again,” Saucedo said.

The team still had improvements to make before the start of the season.

“Team chemistry is key,” Meador said. “They need to be able to communicate without having to spell it out for each other, to [better] anticipate what the other is planning to do next.”

Amy Saucedo had improvements of her own to make also.

“Working as a team, and everyone knowing the rules will be the biggest obsticle,” Saucedo said.

Although, bringing the girls together is a challenge.

“It’s a process,” Meador said. “But pre season showed promise for a great united team.”

The girls do have challenges they will most likely face throughout the season.

“Team concepts, not allowing points and wins and losses will be an issue,” Meador said. “The common goal remains what is best for the team.”

However, they are confident for all of the games ahead.

“We have a lot to work on,” Saucedo said. “But everything is achievebale.”

Being a member of the team doesn’t just mean being a good basketball player.

“[I expect] great students in the classroom and respectable, young ladies off the court,” Meador said. “I expect hard working players who never give up and tough players on the court.”

Although, being a member of the team doesn’t mean just being good at basketball, most of the girls have classes they excel in and things outside of school to balance at the same time. It is sure to be a successful and thrilling season for all the girls who have been working tremendously hard this off season.

The girls first played November 5 against McCollum and brought home a win. November 8-10 the team will be in Corpus Christi for a three day tournament.

Don’t forget to check out the games! Click here for the full schedule.

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