Cozy and Cute- Winter Fashions

South Texas is usually warm, but as weeks pass by we face a bitter truth: the cold weather is coming. What better chance than that to rummage through the closet and find some hot new styles that are sure to keep you from shivering?

Here’s some advice to be warm, but still fashionable.

So, let’s look at the latest trends.

1. Soft warm sweaters. Everyone loves to wear them, but which one to buy and how to pair them?

This year’s fashion week tells us to buy printed jumpers and sweaters.

a/w runways; sweaters. Photoshop by Simona De Paolis


Big sweaters, since the 90’s fashion came back, pair well with really skinny jeans or leggings, or, if you love to dare, with a flowy skirt, dark tights and sneakers.

Ebba Z. ( Photoshop by Simona De Paolis

2. Another trend is to pair something “boyfriend”-styled with something really feminine, like baggy pants and a blouse or tights and a large non-fitted shirt.

From left: Melissa O., Alana R., Camille C. and Katerina R. ( Photoshop by Simona De Paolis

3. Do you own a cute dress and would like to wear it to school, but its been too cold out? Wear a pair of leggings or heavy tights, sneakers or day boots and a boyfriend cardigan and it’s a done deal.

from left: Aleksandra Valentine S., Gladys D., Ebba Z. and Paige Joanna C. ( Photoshop by Simona De Paolis

4. If you are going to a fancy party or you would just like to look nice and polished remember that one of the trendiest clothes of this year is the peplum.


Remember that this year it’s nice to show your curves, so don’t worry to emphasize them with popping up dresses, or put a high waisted belt over your oversized/unshaped dresses.

Waist-belt trend Photoshop by Simona de Paolis

5. This season fabric is velvet! Go on and wear a piece of your outfit, like pants or a jacket, possibly burgundy, since this color animated the fashion week’s runway.


Following these style tips will keep you cozy and cute through the cold winter days.

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