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Electrical Practice Competition

Electrical Students
Photo by Jacob Dukes

Electrical Introduction and Electrical I students participated in a practice competition on campus Monday Nov 12. The results are as follows.

Intro Class

1st- Oscar Vasquez

2nd- Pio San Diego

3rd- Abdul Moosani

4th- Jose Barragan

5th- Sebastian Salinas

6th- Xavier Bustos

7th- Xavier De la Vega

8th- Michael Warrick

Electrical I

1st- David KIssinger

2nd- Nathan Warren

3rd- Sam Wittlinger

4th- Matthew Swaim

5th- Diego Castro

6th- Cedrick Puente

7th- Jonah Morales

The top five placed Intro students will compete against the juniors and sophomores of Electrical I Saturday Nov 17.

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